Friday, January 6, 2012

Working Holiday In New Zealand

The couple in their 20s, are both medical students.
The wife is presently attached with one of the government's hospital in KL.

An independent only child who hailed from Kedah, the husband, after his secondary education, went to Italy to work for few years.
He took the opportunity to backpack and travelled all over Europe.
When he felt he managed to put aside enough fund for his parents and his education, he returned to Malaysia  furthering his education.
He is focused to become a specialist in heart surgery.

Now married, he had given a hard thought.
He decided to take leave from his study to finance and to let his wife finish with her study.
He will then continue where he had left.

The first time the couple spent their night at my place was during the recent Ramadhan.
They then went to New Zealand Immigration Office the next day at Ngee Ann City, only to be told that no more 2010's quota left for working holiday. 
The husband wants to make enough $ for their parents and educations.

He wasted no time, this time around.
They were at Takashimaya yesterday, when visa application was available a day earlier.

They returned to my place with great relief, thanking GOD, things went smoothly.
He will be in NewZealand, InsyaALLAH, in February.

He is no son nor relative of mine, just another person HE sent to me.

Those interested, here's the link:

Good Luck.